October Loot Crate!

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 So for a birthday wish I wanted October's Loot Crate Time. My father order for me as a birthday gift, because what better gift that several items than just one, plus you have it had the things that I loved as a kid. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Back to the future and Doctor Who! When I got the first thing I did was run to my dorm and open it. The first thing I grabbed out was of course the t-shirt.

I love the design on it. Hell, I love Bill and Ted. I have one conflict with it due to my father assuming what size I was and not knowing the make of the shirt too well the shirt is two sizes too small for me to wear so I'm hoping to exchange it for a bigger, but I have to use all the change I have in order to send it.

     I am in love with the Doc Brown Funko and the mini replica Hover Board. I like them together like this, I loved that back to the future was a big part of the box and for it to come on the anniversary of it's release.
And last but not least the Sonic Spork! I'm excited about this because it is something that I can actually use in my dorm. It's certainly a step up from the plastic utensils that I use and I'm excited to wash it up to use it. Otherwise it will be in the box in my drawer.

     I love the inside the box and how it gives that excellent Bill and Ted item in it to tie it all together.
In all I'm really in love with this box, and I'm hoping I can exchange the shirt, because I really, really want to wear it. 
     One thing I noticed while watching Back the Future Part I, is today is the date is present day thirty years ago!

 I hope those of you who have gotten your Loot Crate Boxes are enjoying it a little more than I am. I still love it!

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