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     So why did I close down Nerdy Birdie for three weeks?
     Due to my hiatus of working at a summer camp, I needed to get back to writing. After all the jumping I had most of August, I notice I was WAY behind. I recently had to move everything back a week, due to homework. I working out the kinks for the blog the next few weeks.
     I wanted to take the time to write out posts and fix things around the blog. As well as 100 Days of being Geek chic and Healthy. Which will continue shortly.
     I wanted to reflect on what Nerdy Birdie was really about over the past few years. And in the past few weeks I have been working on a lot of posts. So pay attention I will be uploading a lot of stuff.

A few announcements
  •  My shop End of the Universe is currently closed. The reason I did this was because I want to make a plan on what I'm doing, and would like to save up money to work on products that are as unique as the customers ordering.  I also want bring the Nerdy Birdie to have its own set of products based on mascots. I anyone would like to help out, please go to the advertise page.
  • There is an Ismene and Lyuba comic in the works....I've been wanting to do this for some time now, but I'm creating a monthly comic on the adventures of Ismene and Lyuba using the banner as a hint to what will be happening in the comic. I hoping to start this sometime next month.
 What do you think of the new banner for October?
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  1. Love the new banner for October - cute and spooky! Welcome back!


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