My move to Santa Fe

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A few months ago I had been telling you guys that I was transferring to a school in Santa Fe, New Mexico.      I didn't have much time to do a lot like I hoped before I left California. I had a list of things I wanted to do before leaving. Amazingly I was able to get most of it done.
     I had a week to pack only because I had to go to a funeral after I just got back home from camp.
     As compared to every student moving to a new college. I do not have a car; nor did I receive help from my parents to take me there. So I was limited on what I was able to bring with me.

I rode the train ALL the way to New Mexico with two suitcases, a trunk, a backpack and a purse of what I could bring with me. Which is not much.
    When I arrived in Albuquerque, my aunt came down from Colorado to drive me the rest of the way to Santa Fe. On the first night we explored downtown. Which is amazing.
    I managed to find the one french cafe in a place full of Spanish influence, and had my first macrons. I have to say it was heaven.  We also had the best enchiladas.
      The next day was move in day.
Being a new student to a foreign place can be a little daunting, but it was really relaxing.My aunt hadn't seen me in years, so she wanted to spoil me a bit which is that hasn't happened to me in years.We arranged my room, and I spent my first night in a place that was completely new and wondrous.I posted about Santa Fe on my Instagram account. I hope to blog more about my adventure.
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  1. I can't wait to hear more about your move!


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