What's New with you Nerdy Birdie?: Suimmer Edition

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     Even though summer hasn't officially started it. A few weeks ago I got hired for a job at a summer camp! 
    So next week I will be starting work and will be away from my computer during a lot of the summer.

What does this mean for 100 Days of Being and Healthy?
    I'm sorry I have not been keeping up with it too may things have gotten in my way at the moment. For the past week I have been working on as much as I could to let you guys continue on it. I will eventually catch up on it my self. The one thing I really ask you guys is help promote it on our google page. When the week comes up. please put up on the page and other social media pages you can find. Even though I may be gone for the summer, I want you guys to help me out.

When I get home....
     When I get home I will be packing up for Santa Fe University of Art and Design in August. I ask your help to get me there. I have my gofundme widget on my sidebar, and as much are loyal readers, please help support me through my journey from school. If you are a blogger or a shop that donates $20 or more to my gofundme campaign I will give you free advertisement for six months. (after I get back) I keep my promise on that. 

Please support me on my journey through a job at summer camp and my way through school and I will make this blog even nerdier!

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