Game of Thrones Based Outfits Part 1

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      It has been a long time coming to do something like this. I have been working on what outfits and who want to do outfits based on so for this week I chose Daenerys Targaryen and Sansa Stark. 

Daenerys Targaryen
Dany based outfit 1

Long dress / But Another Innocent Tale strap sandals / Filigree jewelry / Bohemian jewelry

I love the colors of this outfit. I was amazed when I could find anything close the outfit. What do you think?

Dany based outfit 2

Belted top / Belted top / Black pants / Ankle boots

I had to include Dany's hairstyle with this one. I might not have matched the colors to the top but I came close. I still love the combination of this outfit.

 Sansa Stark
Sansa outfit 1

Purple maxi dress / Heels & pumps / Yellow gold necklace

For this outfit I was surprised to find a dress in a similar colored dress. It matches really well with Sansa's dress. I tried my best to replicate as much of the look as possible, even if the insect on the necklace is not right. 

Sansa outfit 2

Little black dress / Black pumps

I went more of a LBD with this outfit. Instead of a tight hairstyle I went with something a bit loose but it still ties it together. 

I really want to more....So please leave me suggestions on what outfits to base outfits on the next post. Who should I do next?
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