Help Me Raise Money For School

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      A few weeks ago I did mention that I was raising money for school. Since then I have been doing everything I can raise money to pay my deposits. I have been saving pennies, dimes, what ever I can put into my owl bank. I have been applying for jobs with no luck in the city that I live in.So far it is there is not a whole lot saved. My grandparents that I live with have trouble paying their own bills and they have been paying my expenses while going to community college. My parents have been no help in the past few years. It has been a constant struggle to save money for school or use for things that I need for tooth paste, shampoo etc. So far I have been lucky on be able to get most of my tuition paid through financial aid even if that means loans from the school.
      I may seem like a happy person when I write my posts, but when it comes to the subject to school I find it difficult to keep a straight face on how frustrating it can be that I'm so close to starting my next chapter in college but also so far away.
      If any readers can help me out in any way I will thank you personally for the support and may be a freebie as well.

What can you do:

GoFundMe- I started a GoFundMe campaign to give a rough idea on what is needed for what. I want to raise money for the current fees and room aboard; as well paying for loans.

Buy Advertisement- I'm always looking people to promote. I would love to do giveaways. You can go to my advertisement page for more info.

Subscribe to Comic Bento- Comic Bento is awesome subscription box full of comics every month. You can check out my post on my sample box I received from them.

Redbubble- I have a few designs, and I'm also selling things with the 100 Days of Being Geek Chic and Healthy logo.

 Please help me get to my first goal of $400 dollars. If you do I will thank you all personally through a blog post, twitter, or what ever I can find!

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