Week 6: Geek Chic Fashion and Beauty

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Week 6: Geek Chic Fashion and Beauty

*Create 'What I wore' outfits using names from geek culture*

Day 36: What female from Geek Culture inspires your style?
Day 37: What is your favorite beauty essential. Why?
Day 38: What hair style from geek culture do you love?
Day 39: Go to Spoonflower and type in a fabric design that you want to make into a dress or a skirt. What would the dress look like? Why did you choose this fabric?
Day 40: What are your  favorite beauty tips?
Day 41: Choose a nail design, try it out and blog about it? Was it easy? Was it difficult?
Day 42: Create an outfit with your favorite character from Geek culture.

I apologize for posting this so late in the week. It has been a very long weekend. I know I haven't posted my own posts in a while.
Here is this weeks theme picture:

I hope to see your posts on the google community. I will be catching up as much as I can.


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