100 Days of BGC&H Week 5: Exercise and Health

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This week's theme has to deal with the body. This is not meant to force you to exercise but help make changes to how you want to be.

  • Day 29: What healthy goals do you want to create?
  • Day 30: Change one thing about the way you start your mornings. *It can be anything from doing a bit of exercise or switching something in your breakfast*
  • Day 31: Choosing one those workouts based on tv shows like the one below:
   Try it for one episode. Describe which tv show you chose, and which episode and what you did. How did you feel afterwards. Did you do more episodes?
  • Day 32:  *Focusing on something other than fruits and veggies* What three items is your go to junk food?
  • Day 33: What is your least favorite exercise? Why?
  • Day 34: What words inspire you to keeps you moving every day?
  • Day 35: What on your playlist that makes you want to get up and dance?

Here is the picture for this week:
So the wording on the picture may not match the theme but the words are just reversed.

I hope you guys are catching up! I'm trying to as much as I can. I apologize for this being put out two days late. I have been working on issues on school and the place I volunteer at.

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