100 Days of BGC&H Days 4,5, 6, & 7

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   *I've been busy for the past few days so I have combined days 4-7.*
      Day 4
     I thought it would be good for the fourth day of this project 100 Days of Being Geek Chic &Healthy is to do goals. I want to be to have certain things taken into the project for all bloggers as well as myself. As it is noted in the main reason for for this project is to help those who have had a bad time to cheer themselves up. I also have my reasons on working this project and what to hope bring out of it.

      Healthy Routines
    I'm not just talking about exercise; I'm also talking about cleaning up my act and cleaning up my life by keeping myself organized.

     Emotionally Happy
     I have been in stressed mood as of lately.With a whole bunch of homework that I have been, and the thought of transferring. Who wouldn't be stressed. So I'm looking for ways that I be happy without too much on my plate.

      Writing More
     As a blogger, I'm always looking for new ideas to write about and a way to write more. Coming up with an idea to this project is a lot of work but it also keeps me doing on what I want to study.

Day 5
      What I want to learn from this project is taking life one prompt at a time. I know I'm not the only one going through a hard time. I created this project not only for myself, but others we feel the same way I do. Life can be random and spontaneous but it can also be organized and scheduled, but there are ways that life can be too much for one person and writing out can help.

Day 6
     I wanted to something more extensive like a story. but with the short amount of time that I have had so far I did something similar to Bad Wolf Brunch.

Day 7
    This my favorite quote because it is a wording of common sense when I'm having a bad day. Neil Gaiman is one of favorite writers where he creates an imagery that can make ones mind see his reading beyond what he has written and like his writing, this quote can make people think beyond their own potential on who they are.
    I have this quote every where that I could put it to remind me that the mistakes I make are a impact for the future that I'm working on.

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