100 Days of BGC&H: Week 2 The Home Behind the Blogger

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 A happy home makes a geek

April 8-14, 2015

  • Day 8: What do your dream home or room to look like?
      *describe using picture and/or draw it out, to give a visual
  • Day 9: Find Three your favorite DIY Tips to help organize your home in a way that is a little different.
  • Day 10: Show off your home workspace
     *What do you do there?
      *What made you organize it this way?
     *What are your favorite items in your workspace?

  • Day 11: Choosing one the DIY tips from day 9, create it and post on your progress on it .
  • Day 12: What dream it is a must want for your home?
      *think of something unusual but unique to you.
  • Day 13: What are some of your favorite spring cleaning tips?
  • Day 14: What advise do have those who want live a organized simplistic life?
     I hope you are enjoying the topics for this project. I'm having fun creating them. I had a bit of trouble for the last two, because they were the were the hardest after all the other ideas.
      Here is picture for this week:
 Some history behind week two:
     Last year when I was started this project, I was in the process of cleaning my bedroom. (still am :(   ) Like everyone who is dreaming of what to do with there own place I wanted see that I wasn't alone on having a very geeky home. The home is also way to help introduce people to the other side of that person.

     Don't forget to post your blog posts on to the 100 Days of Being Geek Chic & Healthy google community
    If you have any questions please email me at:
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