BGC&H Day 3: Book Inspiration: Fangirl

9:30:00 AM Ariel Bloomfield 0 Comments

     Fangirl is basically a big influence on my life, because I nearly see my life in this book. There are few details that different my own life but I'm currently going through a time in my life I'm making a transition where I will be moving away from home. I'm transferring to a college next semester. I have been going to a community college for the past few years but it still doesn't mean I'm afraid of a new setting. And like Cat I am like to write. Not fan fiction, haven't done that in years but doesn't mean dabble once in a while. I do write as much as I can. In fact that is what I have been doing all semester.
     When I read this book reminded me of everything that gone through of being a community college student and all the things that I will go through as a university student. Sure I may be older but there is a lot I have yet to do.  Bloglovin' pinterest facebook Image Map


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