Review of the Flash 1x17: Tricksters

9:30:00 AM Ariel Bloomfield 0 Comments

So I used an old picture for the main picture. As it the main subject for this post. I actually got excited when i heard that Mark Hamill would be on the Flash. The Flash has been one of the shows I have been obsessed with lately. I'm not much of Arrow fan, but I love this show. The episode Tricksters made it even more exciting. *Spoiler Alert*

      When they introduce the Trickster in this episode, I thought; "That's not him." They then later explained the new Trickster had take it from a man who performed terrorist attacks on Central City twenty years before. (add another five to it.) James Jesse (Hamill) the original trickster sits in a special cell, that kept him from messing with others heads. The interpretation of the original Trickster seems more Joker like, then again  Hamill is the voice of the Joker.
     There are a few things I noticed about some lines that he said through out the show that make him a little more twisted. One line that caught my attention was that the prison gave him cable so he could stop killing the guards. My favorite was when he said to the younger trickster "I am your father." I laughed. I was kind of expecting that and kind of wasn't. The Trickster placed a bomb on Flash that would go off if he went less than 6oo mph. Flash did something major for powers, he phased through a tank truck, upon which made the bomb fall off and explode. There are so many awesome things about this episode, if you haven't seen it I'm not spoiling anything for the major story of the season. This is one of my favorite episodes so far of The Flash. I hope to see Mark Hamill as the Trickster again.  Bloglovin' pinterest facebook Image Map


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