100 Days of BGC&H: Day 8: Dream Home

10:47:00 PM Ariel Bloomfield 0 Comments

      My dream home is the one thing that I always thought about. I know I'm behind on my posts especially for a person that created this project, but I'm hoping to catch up by tomorrow.

The outside


The style of house I want would be something simple but still bit of Victorian design. Ever since I was little I always wanted a house with two stories.  The colors that I would want would have to be bright, I like the colors on the right.

      Another thing I would want is a nice big garden where I can grow herbs and spices and a variety of fruits and vegetables.

The Inside

    The main thing that I want is a library, I want to dedicate an entire room to my books. One can never have enough books. This picture also includes a reading nook. That would be awesome to have.


    As for the bedroom, I want to do a space them. I love this duvet and pillow cases. They are beautiful. I also want one of those star lights that make the ceiling look like the night sky.

   There is so much more that I could write about my dream home, but I'll narrow it down to this.

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