Book Cover Outfits: Ticker, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, The Mime Order

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Book Cover Outfits is back on Mondays!
     It's been a while since did these outfits and I'm still looking for suggestions. If you have any suggests on book covers to turn into outfits.Here are the books I have done outfits for so far.
      I'm always looking for more book covers. Here are the ones for this week.

Ticker based outfit

 I though this was a beautiful cover. I couldn't help but combine modern with a Victorian era twist. The book is written in a steampunk world. I love the dress and the fact that it matches so well with the cover of the book.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Short dress / Chelsea Crew peep toe pumps / Melie Bianco blue handbag / Bohemian jewelry

I thought it would be good to play with different shades of blue for this cover. The cover for this book is utterly stunning and leaves a lot to the imagination. 

The Mime Order

Going out dress / Buckle shoes / Gold chevron ring / Charm jewelry
The Mime Order is the second book in the The Bone Season Series, and for the Bone Season Outfit I made this one more dressed up. 

Please Comment on and Suggestions for covers! I'm always looking for anything I haven't done yet.
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  1. This is such an excellent idea! I automatically feel more awesome when I know my outfit is inspired by something (a Disney character, Hogwarts house, etc) I have another muse to mimic.


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