Week 3: Comic Book Love

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April 15-21 2015

Sorry I sent this so late, I have been spending less and less time on the computer due the problems it has been having.
  • Day 15: Choose two heroines and create outfits based on them
  • Day 16: Choose two female villains and create outfits based on them
  • Day 17: Talk about your favorite comic book; why do you love it and how does it inspire you?
  • Day 18: Focusing on the true heroes of comic books; who is your favorite comic book artist?
  • Day 19: *another creative project* Create your own alter ego in a comic book world. They can be a Heroine, mutant or villain. Involve them in a current comic universe. (in case you are having trouble of creating a world of your own.) Write about one of there adventures.
    *You may draw them out if you wish, or give a physical description.*
  • Day 20: What three comic book ladies are your favorite and why?
  • Day 21: Choose a male character that you like. Why do like him?

I hope you are all doing well with this project, I have been trying so hard to keep up myself. Here is the picture for this week:

I hope to see your posts on the google community.


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