Help Support Me on My Next Chapter of College

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     For the past few years I have been reporting on my adventures in community college and my hopeful transfer to Santa Fe University of art and design. I'm more official in transferring than I was before. With the help of financial aid I could almost go for the entire year, but I'm also short.

 I'm asking you guys to help me out by doing everything that you can. My first goal is to raise $400 to pay for the enrollment fee and housing fee.

What you can do?

    Some time ago I have started a RedBubble account and I was able to sell a few things

    Buy advertisement
    My advertise page is open to whom ever wants to buy an ad. I want to help support other blogs and shop that want to promote their business.
 Subscribe to Comic Bento
     I am an affiliate with Comic Bento and every person that buys a subscription using my links, I get a commission. So I will be updating the links every few days.

   I started a gofundme account, this I'm actually nervous about because I don't like exposing myself in the way that takes me out of my comfort zone a bit.

My goals:
$400- enrollment fee & Housing fee
$8000- Room and Board
$2000-personal items, travel, & paying of loans

    I will be giving updates every two weeks because want to let you guys known what is happening as the time gets closer.

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  1. I just wanted to wish you luck! Have you heard of GoEnnounce? By making regular updates, there are opportunities to win scholarships and start a fundraiser. :)


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