Bad News, Good News

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I had a few post planned this weekend to be posted up, due unfortunate circumstances my plans had been change.
Bad News
This weekend I learned my cat had died, I could help but cry for the past few days. So I  have posts still planned later this week.
      His name was Panther. We also called him Pan; he also had other nicknames (Cheshire, nermal {we also had a cat named Garfield who also passed away this year as well} and Little Grey Monster) His mother was a Calico, and he came out as a pure grey cat, in a litter of one. Yep, he was an only child. He looked like a Russian blue because all of his was grey, but if you looked at him in a different lighting, you could see tabby stripes along his back, hence his name.
        I had left in with my parents when I had left Nevada, I didn’t want to because he claimed me as his owner, but I had to. He was the type of cat knew my name. I  really miss him, and wish I could have seen him one last time.
         I wish had enough money to get this picture to left into a print, frame and put it up on my wall. So I can see his face every day…
       As I write about him I can’t help but cry about him. Years ago when another cat I had passed away, the only have to remember him is that I but a stuffed toy of thumper from the Disney store because that’s what he looked like and it was his name. But now I have no way of remembering my cat except for the pictures I have of him on my computer.
And now….
Good News
    I updated my about page and hope add a few more things to it as I go along.  I even added a new picture, from when I went to the fair a couple weeks ago.
The Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator was great! He made laugh so much, I couldn’t stop. I have world’s most amazing photo of him with box of a snack food but my aunt won’t let me post it. Sigh…I really want to it’s so great. Anyways I’m working on the last bits of 22 things before 23 and other posts later week.
One more think to add the bad news good news is last week I had twisted my ankle, but now its mostly healed. I was very annoyed by it and embarrassed.  So far I’m walking at normal speed again, but my ankle gets stiff if I over work it. I hope it’s done healing soon, the bruises are almost gone. YAY!
                     I hope that this Halloween Week is better, than the past two. Bloglovin' pinterest facebook Image Map

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  1. It's the worst when pets pass away; I actually had my cat of 12 years cremated when she died. She was put in a nice oak box with a picture of her framed on the outside. I move so much that burying her would be pointless, as I don't really have a permanent home. I am sure that one day soon a new furry friend with you find you!


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