I Am Participating on National Novel Writing Month

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I am participating for national writing month all November. I have been working a lot of stories and I figure it was time to focus on one of them and finally finish. This is on my list of 22 things to before I’m 23'; which I will post the weekend.
The most I will be doing this month on the novel I’m writing is  creating it as a rough draft. Only because for my novel I will be creating a language and so far it is complicated.
I am also writing a short story for my novel, that is a prequel to it, so I’m counting it as a part of it.

My story is called Nebula. In my short story called Meteor, it explains the parts of the story before it begins.  The goal will be 50, 000 words for the story of Nebula. What great motivation than to participate in national novel writing month. Here’s what I have to do beside write my novel:
  • Create at least or over 100 words in my own language
  • Finish Writing Meteor
  • Create character profiles
Please keep watch on my progress with the word counter on the right. I will also be creating posts on my progress through out the month.
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