Smaug and his Golden Lair

12:03:00 PM Ariel Bloomfield 0 Comments

     I have been meaning to post a picture for this piece of work up on my blog for a while now. If the picture seems a little off that is because I had to the panorama setting on my camera and didn’t line it right.
   Anyways I had made this for my art appreciation class. I have been taking drawing classes all of my life, I didn’t want to take a drawing class from the beginning again. I decided to something complicated.

    The one the thing I have been working on for the past couple of years is creating art with construction paper, each new work becomes more complicated than the last. This one I will never work on again. Though I could have done better with it.

     I started with an image that on my sketchbook, using a reference picture that was mainly on my computer. The scales were drawn out by hand with color pencil. but  mostly it made of construction paper, color pencil, and lots of glue. I believe that its 24” x 29”.
  I took me hours and a lot of glue to finally finish it. I wish I could have done more like a background. But I could argue with it either way.


Towards the bottom of the work I made a little invisible Bilbo out of a square is cellophane.

I would like to base items in my Nerdy Birdie Shop off of work like this, not this big obviously but that make any geeky girl to love something this in their bedroom.
   If anybody is interested in anything like this, I would like request my work; please contact me at
   I don’t have any prices yet, but I will work with customer to get what they want. Bloglovin' pinterest facebook Image Map


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