Ran into a snag with my shop

2:46:00 PM Ariel Bloomfield 0 Comments

I’m almost ready to officially open my my shop, only to find out that I need to upgrade in order to open it and sell products. That sucks. What am I to do? I have nothing to my name to help me open my shop. That’s why I’m opening a shop.  So Nerdy Birdie Shop is on hold.
   So I found storenvy  and open a shop there. I want sell the same things as I wanted to do at my Nerdy Birdie shop. It’s going to be a pain trying to figure how to customize it but I know I will finish it. If anyone knows how to customize storenvy and would like to help I will create a custom piece of art for you.
     I’ve always struggled with trying to earn any money, or trying to find a job. Where I currently live everybody is looking for the same thing. I did have a shop that earned money, a few years ago. I had very popular products based on twilight, but as soon as the movie was coming out Summit Entertainment took anything twilight related off the site. So everything went down from there.
   For years I have been wanting to sell products that I had made myself. I have had thousand of ideas, but have no way of being able to afford the cost on sites like etsy. I would love to get great gifts for my family for Christmas because they deserve it.  I know I blabbing about too much my life. It’s just one of those days. again.
  Anyways check out my new work made from construction paper and scrap booking paper:
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