Halloween Costume Wish List

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     Halloween we is one of my favorite holidays. Particularly because it’s the one night a year where we break the advise of our parents and ask strangers for candy. Personally I like dressing up, but due to not having enough money I’m left to the Halloween items I have gathered over the years.
     I love designing Costumes, but I never been able to bring them to life. I have a folder of costume I want to wear, make etc.So here is my dream costume wish list:
Captain America
I have my own design for a Captain America costume, but I love sailor America. When I first saw this I wanted to make this. It’s still on my list, as for the girl on the right she is the inspiration for my Captain America design. Even if I want to throw something simple together, she is still an inspiration.

The 11th Doctor
I have the tweed jackets! and boots but the could probably be different. This can be a simple throw on costume as well. But Who wouldn’t want to dress as the Doctor?
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn is one of my favorite villains for batman, ever since I was a kid in the 90s and they had her on the cartoon. I wish I had the body to be in the suit, but it will always be an inspiration.
Anna from Frozen
When I saw pictures of Anna of the up coming movie Frozen, I was excited about her outfit, it’s cute, traditional, and looks warm. Halloween does get cold where I live if I knew about this way earlier, I could have started on everything and possibly have it done.
Femme Bilbo
I love this femme Bilbo. I have always wanted to dress as a hobbit, mainly because I have big feet.
Historical Rapunzel
If I ever get the chance to save up the money to make or have someone else make it for me. Rapunzel is my favorite Disney Princess. I may not be a short as she is but I love her long hair and love the detail on this outfit.
Amy Pond
Amy Pond has always been one of those costumes for the past few years that I have always wanted to wear. I love the pineapple dress from A Town Called Mercy but my favorite is the Amy the pirate outfit from the Curse Of The Black Spot.
Steampunk Batgirl
  This is my favorite steampunk heroine outfit. I’ve had it on my computer for about a year and if I to make a steampunk outfit this I want to make this one first.
Snow White From Once Upon a Time
I found a pattern for this! It may have been simplified down. I love the outfits that the have had for snow white on Once Upon a Time. When I found the pattern for this outfit, I was excited because I was trying to search for one in the first place.

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  1. LOVE the Captain America costume! Too cute!! :)

  2. I'll be dressing as 11 & I cannot wait!! xo


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