Things to come for Caged Bird in 2012

12:56:00 PM Ariel Bloomfield 0 Comments

    There are many things that I'm planning to on Caged Bird this year. One of the things is I'm planning to update the layout of the blog. (I hope I can get a charger soon.) I'm trying to open a cooking blog for those families that live on  welfare, food stamps and food boxes it's called Cooking with Change. So I will be spending as time on there as am on this blog  I'm also planning on more posts some of which in include daily posts and weekly posts.
    Here's a taste of what's to come:
  In the spring I will be posting up post about my outfits everyday. (if possible)
  Book posts every month, they will be added to my bookshelf page.
*(posted every 1 week)
^ (posted every 2 weeks)
Sunday- * Recycle and Restyle (this will be explained on the first post about it.)
Monday-  My Art
Tuesday- Feature Recipe from Cooking with Change
Wednesday-  ^26 Braided hairstyles
Thursday- ^Thrifty Finds (explained in the first post)
Friday- *Five Favorite things
Saturday- ^DIY Projects
And there will posts every once in a while that I will be posting about myself, so you can learn more about me.


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