20 things before I'm 21

2:28:00 PM Ariel Bloomfield 0 Comments

I Finally have my list of 20 things to do before I'm 21. I actually thought all of this through and I really hope I finish them all on my birthday October 5th! I will add more detail to them later as to why for each choice.
1. Lose the weight I gained in high school

2. Change my wardrobe

3. Have two successful blogs

4. Learn a language during my free time

5. Read all the books on my list

6. See all the movies that I want to see in theaters

7. Makeover my bedroom

8. Finish one of my stories

9. Dye and cut my hair

10. Do 26 braided hairstyles

11. Try to do Galaxy nails

12. Make a dress or two

13. Draw a coloring book

14.Learn to walk in heels 

15.Finally open my handmade indie biz
16. Make craft space in my room

17. Finish my desk
18.Take out an one of the old bikes and get fixed up to ride it

19. Make Macrons SUCCESSFULLY
20. Finish making a costume


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