I am a bookaholic

5:10:00 PM Ariel Bloomfield 0 Comments

I am obsessed with books. I had to leave some books with my family when I had to move, but know the pile has gone from about the same amount that I had to leave behind. 

This is an old picture, but what it was not that long ago. When ever I have change and I go to the library I can't help but find a book or and author that I really like and buy it from the withdrawn section. I even lost count on how many library books I check out. Okay not really. Besides fiction, I have text books, manga, guide books, even a couple of language books and it is growing by the week. I haven't read all my books! Really soon every month I'm going to be reviewing the books that I read for the month and add to my bookshelf page. If you have any recommendations for me let me know. I read mostly read sci-fi, fantasy, romance (not the cheesy stuff), comics
 Sad thing is I don't have a physical bookshelf to put all my on there all stacked underneath my desk, out of the way.


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