2011: My Year in Review

1:16:00 PM Ariel Bloomfield 0 Comments

Many things have happened this year.

 I got see Water for Elephants, after I read the book.
 I got up early and watched the Royal Wedding of William and Kate. I love this picture.
 and unfortunately we lost some family members this year. My aunt's lovely Pit Bulls (yes Pit Bulls but are the nicest one's I have known for most of my life.) passed away this year before my aunt's birthday. Their Names were Odysseus (the black one) and Macha (blonde) (brother and sister). They lived a wonderful fourteen years and they will forever be missed.

                             Below is the last picture I took before we put them to sleep
 My aunt also lost her Main Coon Blue (on the right) He died of natural causes.
I painted this painting shortly after they died and gave my aunt the painting on her birthday a couple of days later.
We also got a new dog this summer who reminds of the other two everyday. He is a Labrador-Boxer mix. His name is Chomper (with many nicknames that he has gotten over the time that he has been with us) and he is able to bark with a ball in his mouth. Excuse me for the picture I could never get a front shot of him.

     I just hope that the next year is going to better than this year. See you in the next year!


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