100 Days of Being Geek Chic and Healthy to start up in June!

11:38:00 PM Ariel Bloomfield 1 Comments

     Greetings and salutations readers!
          I'm excited to announce that this project is returning in June!And hopefully this time I will finish out the days on this project and I have so many things planned.

What do I have planned this year?
  • I have started a YouTube Channel specifically for this project. And I'm looking bloggers/vloggers to help with specific things around the channel. Here's what I'm looking for.
                                -Fashion/everyday cosplay/cosplay
                               -gaming/board games
                              - DIY
                              -Exercise/healthy living
                             -Anything else that might be helpful
  • I'm starting a book club with a friend of mine and we are going to be reviewing female geek themed book and graphic novels. I will add more info on that once it's smoothed out more.
  • I would like to encourage some people to start this project with an introduction video, and get out of their comfort zone a bit. If  you don't have a why of doing it, then type out the post. 
I will post more information once I have smoothed the information out later this week, so please stay tuned! If you wish receive newsletters about the project check the page from the projects tab above and click on 100 days of BGC&H. Sorry that the blog is a mess. I'm trying to clean it up.

If you wish to be part of the YouTube channel, please contact me at nerdybirdie.blog@gmail.com

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