Caraval Book Review

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"Remember, it's only a game."
      Since last summer I have been wanting to read this book. I first read a preview of it and in November I won an advance readers copy of it. I was so excited that I was able to win it. So it was my mission to try to finish it through December and January. 

      Caraval is a whimsical and colorful story about one girl on the hunt for her sister; while playing a game called Caraval, started by a mysterious man called Legend.
The main character Scarlett and her are invited to Caraval after writing to Legend for many years. Before their journey begins they run into Julian, a sailor who Scarlett finds with her sister. They all find themselves involved in the game after the sisters escape their abusive father.
Once on the island Scarlett's sister Tella disappears and becomes part of the game. It leads Scarlett in a whirlwind of chaos and choices that make her realize who she is without her sister. Julian tags along but leaves on his own to help solve the disappearance of Tella. Or so Scarlett thinks.

There is so much I want to write about this without spoiling the book. From the beginning of the story I can understand why Scarlett and Tella would like to play Caraval. It is first established that their father is abusive and goes into full detail on how and how he became that way.
The one the that really attracted me to the story was the description of color that was in it. This could be in part with the character Scarlett who is later called Crimson by Julian throughout the book. The story a had a big twist to it when there was about 200 pages left. I was shocked, but something at the beginning of the story left it open for the twist and I loved it. The setting of the book seems like the mid 19th century, but I can imagine this if it took place in the present. I would love to get a hard cover copy of this and jump back in Caraval again.


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