Tips For First Time Comic Con Goers

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A couple of years ago I went to my first convention, technically my second but the first time I went I knew people that developed the convention. The first official convention that I was a nervous wreck. I wouldn't consider myself an expert, but every one becomes more experienced after their first convention. With the Las Vegas Comic Con coming up next week; I have been inspired to help create some tips for the first time goer.

Volunteer at the Convention

       I'm putting this as my first tip, because for my first convention I volunteered. Sure you may put in a lot of work, but for that work you get go to the convention for free. Depending on the convention they will do a day zero event where you will have a chance to meet other volunteers (outside of meetings) and some of the vendors. Plus you will get a free shirt for your service.

Carry a bag with you

       It can be either a backpack  (small if best) or a tote bag or a purse. A bag is best when you need to get your things, like your wallet. Even though you may get a bag full of swag, it's easier to have your own. In case you have a bit of panic attack, trying to search for that lip balm you thought you put in it.

Where something that you are comfortable in

      Where something that you believe can go through the day without having to hurt. If you choose to wear a cosplay. Go ahead, no ones going to stop you. I did on my second day of the convention. Obviously shoes would be a main source of comfort. If your looking for a really good fandom t-shirt, check out Jordanen√© for amazing worded prints. I love my Outlander shirt.

Create a mini emergency kit/store extra cash

      Mint tins are often handy for this. You can use a circular tin, but it's best if it's a rectangle shaped one.  I have an Ouija board one that I keep band-aids and pain pills in. You can also store your lip balm in it if you have room. If you still have extra room, stash some extra cash.

Water and snacks are important

     Water is super important. When it comes to conventions. You need to stay hydrate as much as you can. There are going be chances that you will be unable to get to the line that have food or your sanding in line for a panel. You may never know when need to eat. Keep your energy up.

Take a break when you need it

       If you're like me, you often feel like your being suffocated by being surrounded by other people. Go outside and breathe for a moment or find a area that doesn't have so many people. Anxiety can often be a big issue once your are in are big group of people. If you go outside for a few minutes, go

Ask permission before you take a picture of a cosplayer

   If you wish to take a picture of a cosplayer dressed as your favorite character, please ask for permission. Not only will you earn the respect of cosplayer, but you will get them to pose for you. The Jawas were my favorite.

Be smart about your spending

     Whether it's on the latest items that the booths have, like the funko that is special edition; or it is where you are staying or travel.Travel sites can often be a great help in big cities such as Las Vegas or San Diego.  One site such as to make it easier for you to book travel deals for both plane and hotel.  If you live in the same town as the convention, then you're in luck. But check out travel sites if you need more help.     As for food and you things you want to buy, budget carefully; and spend what you want to get instead of over spending. I may not have this issue because I'm broke most of the time, but I tried to spend wisely. So that is all the tips that I have for those first time goers.  I wish I could go to conventions more often, but I'm not lucky enough to have the chance to travel at the moment.The Las Vegas Comic Con is coming up at the end of June. Check out Las Vegas travel deals page if you’re interested. I would give more advice, but like every convention goer, I learn as I go. As everyone else does.

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