Book Cover Outfits with Paper Faerie Pt 1

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This is a collaboration with my good friend from high school Vanessa who started her own Booktube channel called Paper Faerie. To get me back in the swing of things for these posts, asked her to choose a few books. The List is big so I decided to divide it into several posts. I hope to do this with other Booktubers, and more books. If you're interested in this please let me know in the comments.

Gracekeepers book cover outfit

For this outfit I was inspired the cover in  general and I really wanted to play off of it. I thought a constellation necklace would suit it best

Vanessa reason she chose this cover and response to outfit: 
"I like this cover because it feels so whimsical and cozy. This outfit captures that. I love the cozy boots paired with the magic of the read dress. And of course the necklace is perfect."

The Diviners Book Cover Outfit

The Diviners Book Cover Outfit by nerdybirdiegirl featuring a white flower necklace

I decided a twenties look, because why not? The story takes place in the twenties itself. My favorite part to the outfit is the shoes.

 Vanessa reason she chose this cover and response to outfit: 
"I chose this cover because I love the dark and superstitious feel it has, and I think a 20's outfit is perfect."

I really like working on this. I hope to work with other book lovers on this. 

And I will also explain the mess happening around the blog. 
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