5 Reasons Why I Love Arrow

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If you have not read my Flash post I encourage you to read it. Like I said in that post, I'm doing this on the days that the shows take place on.

5. John Barrowman as Malcom Merlyn
 I chose this as number five because though I miss John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness, there is some similarity to Malcom Merlyn. A little bit less flirtatious Jack Harkness, Merlyn is a bit tougher than Jack. Unlike Jack he likes to pop in and out of no where when he was not really needed.

4. Other DC Characters before they have their own shows
I know that this one is a bit long the title but it's like the crossovers. Barry was on Arrow before he was the Flash and also had a introduction to Cisco and Katelyn before the official start of the show. Even the suicide squad (even though they didn't have a show) help bring shape to the DC Universe that Arrow is currently shaping.

3. Kick Ass Female Characters
Out of all the DC Shows that have been around for the past few years, Arrow has been the one show made these ladies work their but off. Supergirl has a lot to work on to reach the same level. Even if Felicity is not shooting arrows or using any other weapons, besides using a computer she still kicks butt as Overwatch. Each one of these characters creates a strong team around Oliver Queen and help bring a different strength to Starling/Star City.

2. Felicity watching Oliver Working Out 
I actually mean their relationship....but that too. Felicity and Oliver have certainly have had an up and down type of relationship. Even though they have been a romantic relationship, and a really good friendship, they are always still there for each other. You will still find Felicity watching Oliver.

1.The Green Arrow/ Oliver Queen
Yep....another guy suck it up. But I like the character of Oliver Queen. Outside the look of the great body, Oliver has been through a lot. Surviving five years of being "dead" help create the Oliver Queen that we know in the series. He went through death, lost people he has loved and has even lost his family's money but that had never stopped from being the Green Arrow or the mayor of Star City.

 I wonder what Batman would be like in this world?

Keep an eye for Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow post. I might do Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday or next week. I haven't decided yet. I'm also thinking about doing one on Constantine as well.....So keep an eye out.

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  1. I love Felicity. She's my favorite character on TV. The funny thing is she was only supposed to be on for a couple episodes, but now she's a series regular. The Flash also does a really good job with creating good female characters. Supergirl is so cheesy. It's really hard for me to watch at times.


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