5 Reasons Why I love The Flash

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It's Tuesday. Do you know what that means?
The Flash is on tonight!
For some time now I have been doing this list to show you why I love these shows. I should do some on book series. With the CW being invaded by the DC universe; I couldn't help but created these lists on why I love these shows. I was hoping to do this on the four night crossover, I don't know when that is so I will be putting the lists on the days they coincide with the days that they come one. For the moment I only have the Flash written down. It takes some time to put these together. Let's get started.

5. The Multiverse
At the beginning of season two the idea came to reveal the DC multiverse. When it came Zack Snyder saying that his Flash is in a separate universe it would make sense. Even when you have Supergirl and The Flash in separate universes from each other. My Question is Supergirl's move to the CW will become part of the same universe? Does that mean Christopher Nolan's Batman take place in a separate universe? I have so many questions. So many.

4. The Plot
The plot is an interesting one. It certainly keeps me on my toes. With the ideas of the metahumans, multiverse in season two and Barry screwing up with his past at the end of season two. It really makes a fan wanting more. Serious Barry WTF??!!

 3.Cisco's Names for the Evil Metahumans
Cisco comes up with awesome names for a lot of the metahumans, granted they are already names that  are in the comics. It's still fun to watch cisco make up the names.

2. The Crossovers Working so Well Together

This show is all about crossovers. Barry Allen started his life in a crossover before the show even started. With the constant crossovers into other shows including Supergirl. It is fun to learn that there is even a four night crossover....You might have to pay attention to that one.

1. The Flash/Barry Allen
Yes I know I end these lists with a guy but when it comes to cute guys in shows I like, why not?
Being a millennial, Barry Allen is the perfect example of trying to balance two lives. Though Barry may have the speed force on his side he is pretty much an average guy trying to be normal. But as the Flash he has more enemies as a superhero than he does as Barry. Things change on that. I really love the costume. It is more sleek that the original unitard outfit that he has been known to wear.

So that is my reasons I love the Flash. What are yours? Let me know in the comment below. What other shows do you think I should make list of?

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  1. The Flash is probably my favorite over Arrow. Arrow is still good though.


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