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The title certainly got your attention didn't it?

Earlier this year I started my bookmark shop called Fandom Bookmarks, I started it so I could try to raise money for school. So far I have only sold one on the site, and it went to my current roommate. As you can see there are a lot of blank photos that is because I make a bookmark on a made to order basis, and I make a test one to make sure it is the design that will look good. I would love to fill in this pictures and create many more products.
Gryffindor House Bookmark
   So the reason I chose the title is because I'm struggling to get some much needed books for my classes, and I was wondering if anyone would like to help me out by buying a bookmark. I would like to reach a goal of 20 bookmarks sold. Every fifth bookmark sold, I will send you another special bookmark for free!
And keep on going with the mile stones through out my shop. I've been trying to figure out how to connect a blog to the shop. I will let you know when I have things running for that blog.
The books above are all that I have left to buy and some of them I'm willing to get digital version of them, because I don't have too much time to wait for them to get here. At this point I'm begging for a little help. If some of you have these books and willing to part with them, please contact me at

Please help me reach this milestone of 20 bookmarks! And I will send out thank you hand written thank you letters to each of you that purchase one of my bookmarks. 
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  1. Cool bookmarks! I'll book mark this (HAH puns.. :D ) for when I have money.

    1. Thanks, I really would love to sell these guys. Especially with the holidays coming up soon.


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