What's New With You Nerdy Birdie? September 2016

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      It has been a while since I did one of these because I was pretty much busy last year. 

 Around the blog

     -For the past couple of weeks I have posting like crazy. That is because school has started and I on't have as much writing to do this year as I did last year.

-So I guess this was pertains to around the blog a I started a booktube channel. So far It been so fun. I would love to more than just book reviews on it. 


     -In some ways school has me worried because I am trying to keep up with paying for school. On the plus side I'm glad that I don't have much writing than I did last semester. 


     -I have been working on two stories and you can find them on wattpad.

My Shop
     -Fandom Bookmarks- I have only sold two bookmarks since I have opened. I would love to sell a whole bunch more. Please Help support my bookmark shop.

So That  what is current going on in my life for this month.

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