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I created an original tag!
It took me a few days to create this tag. I created this tag because i thought about my bookmark shop, and all things as reader we use for bookmarks. Enjoy!
check out the video:

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I tag Paper Faerie:

Here are the Question for this tag:
1. The receipt: The last book you got from the library or bought that might have the receipt still in it.

2. Notebook paper: A book that was plain at the beginning but gets better later on.

3. Dog-eared or post it tag: A favorite quote from a book that tagged.

4. The Handmade: A self-published book that you liked or didn't like. (Note: I put the didn't like down because I only read one that I didn't like.)

5. The highlighted or the underlined: A book that you highlighted or underlined that wasn't a textbook but used in a class.

6. The pop culture bookmark: choose a favorite character to be on a bookmark.

7. Postcard: a good travel book.

8.old photograph of you: A book you like so much that you won't let go.

9. the Kleenex tissue: What book was a tear jerker that made get a second box.
10. The flower press bookmark: a book with a beautiful cover.

11. The buck bookmark: a book you might have spent more than expected.
12. band-aid bookmark: a book that has a healing or calming effect on you.

and finally 13. What is your favorite bookmark?

I hope to some posts on this tags and I hope that enjoyed thinking about what answers. Share your posts in the comments below.

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