24 Things to do Before I'm 25

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Every year I make a list of things to do before my next birthday. The list is always hard to create because there items that I am unable to complete. Things have been going well so far and I'm hoping that this one will be better. There have always been a few things that I have stayed on my list because I really want to do them. So far I have amazingly completed two items on the list and I hope to continue marking things off.

1.Create a healthy Lifestyle
     This may be the hardest one to work on. Not only do I want to eat less sugar, but also get myself into a routine that doesn't make me so exhausted.
2.Read 24 books
    So I really want to read this year. In fact I want to read 50 for my reading challenge on Goodreads. If anyone has any good books let me know.
3.Start a vlog on YouTube
     This one may take some time for me because with school at the moment, I have so much righting to do. I'm organizing about five other things at the moment, but I would like start one just because.
4.Get a Tattoo
     Getting a tattoo been on my list for a couple of years now. I have think on what I want to get. I defiantly want a doctor who, it's a matter of what. For the moment I will settle a variation of this:

5.Dye my hair
   I need to do this one by now because it has been on my list for so long that it is time for me to do it. I started a new school, I moved to a new town, it is time to start for me to start my life with a new look. Now is the time to do it. The hardest part is finding the right color I want. I've always want to go natural looking red because that has been the only shade that fits with mt complexion. I would love to do galaxy hair, but I'm going to an art school about half of the people here dye there hair some off shade.

6.Register my cat as a emotional companion
 I have been wanting to do this since she has stepped into my life. When I went home I was so relaxed when I was near here and she was relaxed around me. She has been the one thing that keeps my sanity in check and I wish I didn't have to leave her at home. 
7.Learn how to Drive
      I've always been nervous about driving. It's the main reason why I haven't done it in the first place. When it comes to where I'm going to school I would like to drive home instead of going on the train. 
8.Save $2000
     I don't know what I want to save this for it can be for anything for Disneyland or getting my first apartment and finally have a place for me and my cat to live. I just want to save up for something good other than for student loans.
9.Get my driver's license
       Goes with number 7
10.Go to a convention
      It's been two years since I have go to a convention or even volunteered at one. It has come to the point where I'm itching to go again.
11.Meet a celebrity and get their autograph
     Since I'm going to a school where tv shows and movies are filmed. I'm hoping to met someone. Rather than running into George R.R. Martin at the grocery store. (yep that happened. Didn't realize it until afterwards.) I'm hoping to meet Harry Lloyd from Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Robin Hood (BBC) and the show that is shot at my school Manhattan. For now nothing has happened.

12.Buy two board games
     I have always want to get a couple of board games or card games. I am unable to afford video games though I wish I had them sometimes, but I can settle for board games.
13.Write five short stories
     Considering that I'm a creative writing major this might be the best idea for me to keep constantly flowing with ideas.I have been rewriting some of my older stories an making sequels to others.
14.Cosplay two times
       I may cosplayed a couple times in my life but they where always the crappy "let's throw things together with what ever I have." I want to do something more like Amy Pond...I know it's close to the same thing as throwing things together.
15.Get serious about walking more and running
     I have been trying to get myself out of my dorm as much as possible lately. Even if it is for shopping for food. 
16.Get domain for Nerdy Birdie
    I have been wanting to do this for a while. I would like to raise money for this through sponsors and everything but I would need the help of you guys. I hoping to a blog a lot more this year. Once I arrange my homework in a timely manner. 
17.Design 5 things for Red Bubble
     Red Bubble has been the one place lately where I can sell extraordinary t-shirt and bags. I hope make more amazing designs and promote them here.
18. Get a new laptop and printer/scanner
     I have had my laptop for almost six years now...so yeah it's getting old. It's big clunky thing that is difficult to take anywhere because it so big. It normally takes so much space and weight in my backpack when I travel. I want to get a scanner so I can scan my banners for this blog.
19.Hangout with an old friend
I am so glad I completed this last year in October or so as well as having a friendsgiving because I was unable to get myself to Colorado. I loved hanging out with
20.Work a second time at a summer camp
I enjoyed my summer working at a summer camp. I really hope to work at one again.
21.See African closure at Chaffee Zoo
     This was a new expansion that opened in October. When I heard that they were building it, I was so excited but said I wouldn't be able to go to it for a while. I hoping this summer is when I get to go.
22.Commit to all the posts that I write in a notebook
I'm trying to hold on to this idea that all the post that i write within my notebook need to be published. I'm trying to do all this with what I have to for my writing classes this semester.
23.See new Star Wars Movie
      I saw this in January right before I went back to school. It had left me with so many question as a star wars fan. I was glad I saw because pretty much all of my family saw it before I got the chance to. My aunt the biggest Star wars fan I know, was disappointed that she didn't get to see it sooner like everybody else was.

24.See Deadpool Movie
     I saw this today and I will be doing a review of it will be posted tomorrow. I have been saving money for this movie since I got back to Santa Fe and I took the chance before I have to do a giant pile of homework. I have been waiting for this movie for a while and when I had the chance I made my way to see it.

So that is my yearly list. I am glad that I have some things complete and I know some may be hard to achieve. At least I there is hope for a couple of the items. So hopefully I get this done. Cross your fingers everybody.

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  1. Happy belated birthday! Very nice list! It looks like you have some great things on the horizon!


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