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     I  ventured out to movie theater on February 12th. I had no class so I want to treat myself to something before I did a giant pile of homework this weekend. So I got myself  out of my dorm before I went crazy. I left my room at 10:00 and made it to 11:00 showing. It was the perfect time to go I knew a lot of people were going to be in school and work and the theater wasn't filled to capacity. Normally I go to the movies with my aunt but she was two states away. So I had to do this for myself.
*spoilers ahead*

*turn back now if you haven't seen it*

You were warned....

    The movie started with credits of a scene in the film frozen showing Deadpool like silly details  but it's not same credits with the actors names on it. Instead it had description of the characters/actors in the film, examples:  A Gratuitous Cameo and A CGI Character.
     And like the usual Deadpool comic book, it started moment that is currently taking place while flashing back to the past of Wade Wilson who was and how he became the hideous, hilarious merc with a mouth. I find it interesting that Inara from Firefly is in it. It is a bit different from her character on Firefly but is not that different from her companion character in that show.
      The humor in the movie is what you would expect from Deadpool, but with a bit more of an update on what has been shown with cultural references. My favorite on was when I looked at the watch and it was an Adventure Time watch (not of a big fan of that show but still funny) Or the fact that he had girly bags, or a hello kitty lip gloss goes flying while he killing people.
     The one the that was hilarious was the person being killed by a Zamboni, Oh My God....It was not shown of him getting chopped up by it but the fact Deadpool said something along the lines of "You'll be dead in five minutes" was so hilarious because the guy was trying to crawl as fast as he can. I want to see it happen. Other good parts include several jokes that poked at Ryan Reynolds himself as well as Wolverine/Hugh Jackman.

      When it came to Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus the were interesting characters to put into the film. Colossus reminded me of the traditional look you would have the character, but did not match the look of Colossus that we have seen in the x-men films. This is because he was played a was a different actor. I was a little disappoint that it was the same guy. There certainly was a lot of poking fun of the x-men of course but what are you going to expect to Deadpool. What was funny about was that there was only mutants in the film, "You'd think there be more than two mutants living in this big place." Deadpool mentions in the film. 
    The villain Ajax which Deadpool just keeps calling him be his really name (Francis) though out the film is an interesting way to motivation for a villain to be angry. Though Ajax was a little dull in that fact that he ask "What is my name?" through out the film. If you wanted to be called Ajax change it to that you idiot, instead of still having as Francis. I mean who wouldn't want call you by your really name instead of using the name of a soap. I know Ajax is a Deadpool a character from the comics but still.
    Like an other marvel film I expected there to be a preview for the next film like civil war or the next X-Men, nope. It was Deadpool in a rope recreating that last scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I was somehow expecting something like that to happen. I like when he said not leave the trash on the ground...don't be a dick. I agree with Deadpool on that.

       So if want to see this movie for a good laugh go ahead it will have laughing from beginning to end. (Seriously from beginning to end.) I do recommend not bring your young children to see it. There are a lot of words you would not want coming from your child's mouth even though there is childish humor. And be weary of unicorns. I approve this film as one of those things to have a good life but if it is not your interest at all then don't see it. Most people love Deadpool and this is a film that is just like one of the comics. If you have read them and enjoyed them go ahead.
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