My GoFundMe campaign update

3:18:00 PM Ariel Bloomfield 0 Comments

     Some of you expressed concern about my situation. I thank you. I have worked on financial aid and I got news that I might lose my work study award. These has turned my mood back to finding myself crying at night. I had job interview it I'm still hoping for some good news soon. Upon further research I found out that the payments I have been making been going to my meal plan. So no payments=no food. I have less than $900 I have to pay.
     As for making it home to California for Christmas, I guess there might not be so chance. There was a few things that I want to bring back to school with me if I get the chance to go back. Like warm clothes, and better shoes, and the toiletries that I would need.  It costs me about two hundred and twenty dollars to to travel back and forth. If I get gift cards I would use those.
      I've posted these campaigns on my Facebook....but there has been no success with that either. Each day my heart breaks as I get closer to the day that have to pay the bill to get my meal plan paid. I would like to get up one day and not have to worry about it.
      For now I'm going to hope a miracle to happen. I will also continue apply for jobs.


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