Halloween Favorite Things: Movies that Scare Me

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Since today is Halloween and I have nothing to do because I'm a really broke college student. My Halloween costume is Vlad the Impaler descendant...and no I'm not dressed as a vampire, I stating a true fact about myself. I'm spending the day watching horror movies...an there are some that scare the crap out of me that I have trouble watching by myself. I have been watching these movies since I was a young kid so I'm very picky on what can scare me.

     This one has haunted me since I saw it so many years ago. It's based both on the bloody-mary and the hook hand legends. I can't remember exactly why I'm afraid of it, but then again that can happen when something scares you so bad that you don't want to watch it again. Every time I see the main actor who plays Candyman all I see him as that character. You can currently find the movie on Hulu. I' going to dare myself to watch it...sometime soon....maybe.

The Conjuring
       If you're a skeptic then this is not the movie for you. This movie is based on a true story like a Haunting in Connecticut. I have seen the documentary version of a Haunting in Connecticut compared the movie that was made on it the details were pretty much the same. I'm going on a tangent. I have been a fan a Lorraine and Ed Warren far before the movie. I have also seen a special were they did a exorcism just before Ed passed away. I find this movie frighten because, clapping hands when no one is behind you. Not only does this movie took a toll on the people living in the house but for Lorraine and Ed as well. For the most well known investigators.

Ghost Adventures: The Original Documentary
     Okay...so I know that this not a horror movie, but it scares the shirt out of me. There are figures on on that stop in the middle of the camera and there is an energy radiates from what they find.  If you haven't seen the original documentary I recommend that you check it out.

   What's more scarier than ghosts controlling children? Even at that a demon controlling children. There is a second movie came out that I have yet see but I found it fascinating with a bad ending.

     The one thing in particular that freaks me out about is the tiny tim song and the demon who is fascinated by it. I can never get the two out my head. 

     There are so many movies that I want to list. I just watched The Gallows today because it was filmed in my hometown.
What are your favorite horror movies? Or at least the ones the scare you...please comment I would like to hear from you.

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  1. Oh wow, where to start? Films with mirrors in particular scare me so much. My problem now as an adult is that I watched a lot of horror stuff as a kid. I'm sure I watched A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday 13th when I was about 6 years old. (older siblings)
    The Conjuring was our Halloween film last year and I was terrified. I even woke up at 3.10am was it? When the clock stopped in the film? I also have a gap on the top of my wardrobe so that was fun.
    Last night we watched The Skeleton Key and that gave me nightmares! Mirrors again! If you haven't seen that one, I'd give it a try, nice plot twist!

    1. I've seen the skeleton key. Hoodoo freaks me out. Occulus is all about mirrors....

  2. Zak can be so dramatic in his voice-overs and behaviors, but Ghost Adventures is one of my favorite shows. It's a lot of fun and some of their evidence findings can be truly terrifying. Nice list!


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