100 Days of BGC&H Day 15: Super Heroine Outfits

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     This is one of the posts I have been excited to work on. I have done outfit post on Super Ladies even on Lady villains. Once I find the right items, everything just fits right together.

Lady Thor

lady thor

Long sleeveless top / Red knit cardigan / Black skinny pants / Short black boots / Hammered ring / Cord necklace / Cosmic jewelry / Buckle belt

    I personally love this outfit and the fact that I incorporated nearly every part of Thor into the outfit. I wanted a red blazer to represent Thor's red cape, but I still it turned out pretty neat. I was glad I could find a helmet and lighting bolts to help represent Thor. Even Mjölnir is something that can't be missing from this outfit.

Ms. Marvel
Ms Marvel based outfit

Blue dress / Red tight / Blue shoes / Red earrings / Infinity scarve

     I'm a little behind on the Ms. Marvel bandwagon, but I couldn't help but make an outfit based off of her. I wanted to included a long red shirt to go with the outfit but I had to take it out because there cutouts in the back that would not be shown. I added yellow comic book wording earrings to show the yellow that that is in the bolt on the front of her outfit. 

I had so much fun creating these outfits and all the other ones before it. What super heroines would make based outfits on? 

Help be my superhero
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