100 Days of BGC&H Day 16: Female Villain Outfits

11:09:00 AM Ariel Bloomfield 0 Comments

     So I couldn't figure out female villain outfits because I had the best ones already posted here! So I will use my to favorite female villains from Batman!

Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy inpired outfit

Graphic shirt / Crop pants / Jeffrey Campbell flat / The Cambridge Satchel Company red purse / Flower bracelet

When I was creating this outfit I wanted to get greens that mostly complemented each other. The one thing I couldn't forget was her red hair so used that in the bag. I love this outfit for something for the summer.  

Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn inpired outfit

Kismet sleeveless dress / Tan tight / Black ankle booties / Tortoise sunglasses

   Harley Quinn outfit was a fan favorite as well as mine.  I love how everything just fell together when I created the outfit. 

    What female villains would you base outfits off of?
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