22 things before my 23rd Birthday update

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    So it is coming up to the month before my birthday. I have started writing on my 23 things before my 24th birthday. Writing this new list that still has my old goals on it I realize I have done nothing with my life. The number of things that I have crossed off  tells me that. So I know that this year was a supposed to be a year of Metamorphosis but I'm changing to my 23rd year.
 So here is my list along with what I have gotten done so far.

1. Lose up to 30 pounds.
2. Create outfit post for Nerdy Birdie
3.See up to 5 movies in theaters.
4. Read all the books I haven't read on my shelf.
5. Participate NaNoWriMo
6. Buy 3 or 4 DVDs
7. Open Nerdy Birdie Shop
8. Transfer to a university
9. Write Five short stories
10. Get My first tattoo
11. start jogging on weekends
12. Dye my hair
13. update my wardrobe
14. Get of town for a couple of days
15. Bake something awesome
16. Clean my bedroom and organize it
17. go to a midnight premiere
18. Makeover Nerdy Birdie
19. Resist sugar for a month.
20. try something different 
21. revamp Last Girl of Gallifrey (Doctor Who fan comic)
22. See a Komodo Dragon 

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