Friday's Favorite Things

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1. I am liking these scrabble nails, I need to find a brush small enough write the letters.

2. Zooey Deschanel such an amazing actress, I love her in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and 500 Days of Summer. Wish I could tell her in person.

3. Blue raspberry Lemonade? I'm going have to try this in the spring.

4. I can not get enough of Benedict Cumberbatch, he was on the Simpsons this past weekend even if it was just for a minute and he will be shooting the next season of Sherlock next month. YAY! I also can't wait for the next star trek and hobbit movies to come out just to see him in it! I'm so excited. I wish could give him a hug to tell him how much I adore his work.

5. This is currently my motto because when I am stressed out from school and I immediately writing and I feel so much better.

6. I am loving these our lady's of sci-fi I wish they would make one of Amy Pond and call her Our Lady of 


7. I am defiantly S H E R LOCKED and this perfect shirt.

8. I had a dream one day of a woman who looked like this one above, I'm amusing that was a former life of mine because I saw through her eyes, and I remember most of my dreams pretty easily. Anyways it was bugging me on who she was and I sketched her out, tried to find who (I knew she was french by the hair she had in the dream and her nose matched on what i drew) she was and I found Marie-Gabrielle Capet, who was a french artist in the mid-eighteenth century. It's weird that I found her isn't it?

9. This owl is so cute! I love owls!

10. I will be saving money to do this! It looks so cool to make.

 I have been so busy this month, I have had two tests in two weeks, I have another one next. I have become a docent-in- training, shadowing on how to do tours at the Meux Home museum. I have also been working on  a new story based on Jekyll and Hyde after watching the BBC miniseries Jekyll. My mind is everywhere, and I am exhausted. I hoping that once it gets warmer I will try to put up outfit posts.


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