A docent experience week 1

9:00:00 AM Ariel Bloomfield 0 Comments

What is a docent?

a voluntary worker who acts as a guide in a museum, art gallery, etc.

I am currently a docent in training at the Meux Home located in downtown Fresno, CA. 
I have to remember things about the house and about the Victorian era. 
     This past weekend was my first weekend working their, and I have to dress in Victorian/ Edwardian historical clothing. We had a big day with four groups from between noon and three-thirty. 
    I enjoy the being a house full of history, so if you ever are in Fresno, take a tour of the Meux home. I will be posting about interesting experiences and outfit updates for outfits I would possibly wear, while I work there.  I will also post the days that I will be working their if you manage to be in Fresno, CA.
 Please check out the website for more information.


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