Friday's Favorite Things *Valentines Day Edition*

10:58:00 AM Ariel Bloomfield 0 Comments

Hi Everybody! I thought I would do a Valentines Day Friday's Favorite Things because I really like Valentines Day for the candy and the cards. Especially the day after sale wear all the candy is half. I haven't had anyone special to share my Valentines Day, hope I will share it in the future. I hope you enjoy the Favorite things.

1. These shakes look so good, the fact that they are red velvet just make it a bit better.

2. I love these bookmarks, its a great gift for any book warm.

3. Yes I know I've put up so much Doctor Who stuff on here already, but I couldn't resist putting up these cards.

4. I really like valentines mailbox, I wish to make one of these in the far future.

5. If a I had a place that I would share with a special some.

6. This dress is so cute, I would love to something like this on Valentines day.
7. This Heart attack box would cool thing to send to my family.



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