Friday's Favorite things

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1. I love this sweater I would love to wear this at my community college, because there are a lot of Doctor Who fans.

2. I totally want this poster because I used to watch the X-files when i was little and now that I'm watching as an adult I'm loving it even more. I'm up to season 8!

3. I would like to make this for me and my pen pal who lives in wales, it get thing to add to a package.

4. I love Audrey Hepburn, and this quote is something that is true about me.

5. I love these comics that always seem to mess with Kili, but I always end up feeling sorry for him.

6. This grilled cheese pizza sandwich looks good. I want make this some time soon.

7. Mischa and Jared, two guys proving that they are dorks like non-celebrities.

8. My room color would totally match, the sky for this these cloud lights.

9. This hairstyle is blowing my mind! My hair would not cooperate long enough to keep it up.

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10. I'm loving these dresses from Modcloth and the colors for this season.

Many things have been going on this week, and especially ideas for posts, starting next week.
 And check out my story on Figment called Not Much of a Fairytale .


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