Friday's Favorite Things

11:06:00 AM Ariel Bloomfield 0 Comments

Hey guys! I know that we are almost two weeks into the new year and it means a new year full of posts, and new goals. I have started school earlier this week and I will put up more posts, to release the stress from school. So stay tuned for things to come!

1. I love this dress i want to make a dress like this one day made from spider-man comic strip fabric, pacman fabric, Doctor Who fabric and space fabric.

2. I love Star Wars mixed with whinne the Pooh. My two childhood favs mixed into one.

3. I love this necklace, I wish I had it at this moment to wear.

4. I'm totally wanting to this for this winter. It might just make me a little warmer.

5.Yay TARDIS blue is a Pantone color! I love this color its such an interesting shade of blue.

6. I'm so excited to see Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch in the same room! I was so excited to hear about Benedict playing the Villain in the new Star Trek movie named John Harrison. I was going to laugh if his name was Thomas Harrison; which are the intersections of my street.

7. I want to knit again and make this Ewok hat. I have been so cold this winter and this might just be warm enough.


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