19 things before I'm 20

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     I'm going to start on my list, and I may change it a item every once in a while, here are reasons behind the items on the list.
    1. lose the weight I gained in high school- I gained weight during high school, and so since I'm not doing anything much at the moment...
     2. make this blog successful- seeing all these wonderful blogs, I wonder what can I do to make it successful?
     3. Picnic in the park- It has been years since I have been on a picnic, I miss being outside on the grass.
     4.Camp in mountains- It's been three years, since the last time I went camping.
     5. Have an adventure in Santa Cruz or San Fransisco- I really never got to on adventure in either place, I never seen San Fransisco fully.
       6. Participate in civil war reenactment- ever since I a picture of a girl in a civil war reenactment, with a skirt and her hair in a bun, I wanted try and do that.
     7. learn to play the ukulele or guitar - I have been only been able to one instrument, and that would be a clarinet. I've always wanted play a stringed instrument.
      8. Dress up as a faerie for a renaissance faire - I haven't been to a renaissance faire since I was a bout four or five, so I thought why not dress up as faerie than a wench or a lady. Plus I wouldn't have to talk.
     9. learn a language - Well to basically put it, to learn language fully enough to actually speak it for where ever I travel to. I only know a few words in Japanese and Welsh, a few sentences in German, and a couple in French.
     10. Reinvent my style - I want to go outside of t-shirts, I  love fashion. but I'm unable to wear the clothes the way I want because of my weight.
     11. dress as Amy Pond from doctor who or Ariel the little mermaid in the blue dress for Halloween(any possible costume.) - Last year I didn't get to wear a costume, and I love Halloween.
     12. Start my cookie business or other business -I would like to start a indie business so I can sell the things that I love to make.
    13. Eat healthier - I know this should be with my lose weight goal, but it's not.
   14. cut & dye my hair- I normally dye my hair once a year. I also have a inspiration each year for my hair, and this year it's Karen Gillan.
    15. finish writing my current novel - have so many novel ideas going on at the moment that i don't know which one to finish.
     16. Go on my first date - Sadly, I have never been on a date. But this year I hope it changes.
     17. get a job- yep a job, I need something to start out my indie business.
     18. start letter boxing- There are a lot of clues, of letterboxes in the town that I live in now.
     19. have the Year of my life- enough said.

Well Hopefully I can get this list done before my birthday on October 5. Wish me luck!


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