I'm starting a bookmark shop!

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      I have decided to start a shop on handmade bookmarks. 
Why did I choose bookmarks? 
       I have been reading a lot more lately, and the one thing that I always liked doing is making my own bookmarks. Most of the time I just made them out of pieces of paper that I had at hand. The only thing I learned was that I like to create images from construction paper. The tougher it was to do the piece the more extravagant they would come out as. I'm also trying to raise money college. 
       When I created my comic book holder I figured a to keep it from falling apart. 
       This passed year I have been trying to figure out what to with my end of the universe shop....so right now it's on hiatus. 
       The name I have going for the shop is Fandom Bookmarks. I am thinking about changing it.  To what I don't know yet. 
       I chose bookmarks because people still love books, and with they still want to use beautiful bookmarks.Even handmade ones. 
       For the moment I only have two designs:

I will also being doing orders on custom designs, and you have the choice of sharing with others in the shop or having it all to yourself. 

      So would like to order some bookmarks?

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  1. Cool shop idea! I don't see a lot of fandom bookmarks, so these are different! I look forward to seeing what designs you come up with. If you'd like to share your products, feel free to join my group geeky products board to promote them - https://www.pinterest.com/katyrochelle/geeky-products/.

    1. I've been trying to join your group on pinterest but I haven't been able too.


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