Shanagains of Dusty the kitten

9:00:00 AM Ariel Bloomfield 0 Comments

     Last year I introduced you to Dusty the Kitten. Over the time she has earned the time nickname "Dusty bunny". She really loves it. I've been taking pictures of her for the past few months and the things that she has done.

The thing that she loves to do the most is sleep. Honestly it is the best way to get a picture and she looks really cute when she sleeps

She likes sleeping with the covers on her sometimes

     Which one is the real animal? 
      I was playing with the stuffed animals with her and began surrounding them around her. She loved it because she sat there for ten minutes. Purring.

This past Tuesday she decided to clean herself in front of the TV, during Agents of SHIELD and Reign. I had to knock her off with my foot. Not the best idea.

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