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12:18:00 PM Ariel Bloomfield 2 Comments

     I barely start setting up shop on storenvy about a month ago or so. I got email from storenvy saying that I had to sign up with stripe otherwise my store will be no longer in existence. So I went to stripe, to see if I could set up an account only to find out I need a bank account to set up and no way around it. I do not have a bank account and do not have enough to set up one.
      I did ask stripe if there was anyway around this problem, and their only solution was for me to set up a bank account, so before I fully push products out on my shop I need help saving it.
     I only started to set up the shop so I can save money for college because I'm trying to work on my degree on creative writing. I have so many plans for this little shop, if I can't get it off the ground then I'm going to have to take away all my efforts to start and indie business.

So I'm asking this of my readers: Please help a fellow blogger off the ground,and help her create her first business.
    Here's some ways you can help:
  • buy ads to help promote your own blog or indie biz.
  • I will be setting up a donate button on my advertise for those who would like to help this shop bounce into action.
    In response to helping, this blog set up shop and a bank account, I will sent you a coupon for a special print I will be creating for those of you that helped, and I'm taking 10% off my current items to help save the shop some more.
   I have some ideas that I want to set up in the shop in coming months:
  •     Nerdy Birdie box- A box filled with items inspired by nerdy birdie blog and the blogger behind the blog.
  • 100 Days of Being Geek Chic and Healthy Survival Kit- I hope to create this with items that can help inspire others during 100 Days of Being Chic and Healthy 2015. 
  • Art Prints- Some would be reproductions of things I have redrawn from art that from years before to new work.
  • Comic books- Not from my personal collection but work I have done of comics I'm slowly working on.
  • And so much More!
   Please help support a wonderful little shop that is just beginning before it ends.
   Thank You,

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  1. I was curious about store envy and stripe. Are you not allowed to use PayPal? Good luck with your shop.

  2. Do you need a checking or a savings to open your account with Stripe? I think you and I live near one another, and there's a local bank that only requires $5 to start a savings account and $25 to start a checking. I hope everything works out!!


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